Gene Wyll, M.D.
Ophthalmologist, Surgeon and Contact Lens Specialist

Contact Lens

Gene Wyll, M.D. takes great pride in being one of the best sources for contact lenses.

Contact lenses are a safe and effective alternative to eyeglasses for correcting virtually any type of refractive error.  We have a full service contact lens department and carry all major brands, colors and categories of contacts.

You can change the color of your eyes with a multitude of colored contacts as your mood suits you without or with vision correction.  We maintain a complete stock of colored trial lenses for your selection.  Please schedule your appointment today to change the color of your eyes.

Monovision is another vision correction technique for persons wearing bifocal spectacles and who wish to switch to contacts.  It is also widely used for persons who currently require reading glasses with their contacts and who wish to be able to read without additional reading glasses.

A child or young adult may want to experience contact lenses for a boost of self-confidence or for sports activities.

Contact lenses can also considerably enhance the ability to participate in and succeed at many types of sports activities, business, computer, hobbies or life.

Ordering your contact lenses has never been easier.

Visit my secure online contact lens store to place your order at your convenience.

You can click on the online store tab or the link below.

What are all of the types of contact lenses?  What type is right for me?

All contact lenses require special care and cleaning to ensure your eyes remain healthy.

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