Gene Wyll, M.D.
Ophthalmologist, Surgeon and Contact Lens Specialist


You want and need the best possible eyesight for your entire lifetime.  Gene Wyll, M.D. and his professional staff are dedicated to helping you achieve that need.  By utilizing the latest technology in examination and diagnostic equipment, he is able to draw upon his expertise to perform a thorough comprehensive eye exam for you, the individual patient. 

We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals, whether that involves treatment of an eye condition, prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses, or improving your vision for sports, school, computer, business or hobbies.

As a comprehensive ophthalmologist, Gene Wyll, M.D. evaluates and manages a wide spectrum of eye and systemic conditions and disorders, including but not limited to glaucoma, cataracts, retinal disorders, diabetic eye disease, dry eyes, eyelid disorders, blepharitis, eye allergy, infections, migraine, neurologic disorders of the eye, optic nerve disorders and eye injuries.

Gene Wyll, M.D. also performs evaluations for refractive surgery procedures, including LASIK. 

Dr. Wyll and his staff are committed to providing you with the comprehensive personalized eye health exam that you deserve with an emphasis on a personalized doctor-patient relationship.

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610 North Coit, Suite 2115 Richardson, Texas 75080    Telephone 214-575-4455    Fax  972-918-0480

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